SLvAUS: Galle stadium’s temporary grandstand collapsed due to heavy rain


The roof on a makeshift grandstand at Galle International Stadium has collapsed due to heavy rain and wind, delaying the start of play between Sri Lanka and Australia.

Rain began falling around 90 minutes before the scheduled first ball on day two of the first Test, with gusts blowing in off the coastline.

Ground staff managed to keep the entire ground covered as the rain blew in sideways, but metal sheets secured by ropes covering the small concreted seating area on the eastern side of the ground blew off.

The entire roof then buckled, with officials now considering how to secure the metal before play can begin.

No spectators were in the stand at the time, with Australia’s team only just arriving at the ground.

Rain also continued to fall past the scheduled start of play of 10am local time, with ground staff struggling to keep the entire outfield covered amid the gusts of wind.

Tyres are used to keep some sections of tarpaulin down on the ground, however other pieces covering the outfield have been blown away.

Australia face a crucial first hour after going to stumps at 3-98 in reply to Sri Lanka’s 212.

Only bad weather can prevent a result in the match with 13 wickets falling on day one and a three-day Test is predicted due to the pitch conditions.