Ramiz Raja slams journalists for negative headlines


The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Ramiz Raja has given a befitting response to a journalist who inquired regarding discrimination against Karachi-based players on international stage.

While speaking to media, Ramiz Raja lashed out and slammed the journalists for sensationalising headlines and focusing on negative remarks.

Responding to a question related to discrimination, Ramiz said, “I’m not going to say anything about it. It is something very personal for me. You should not have asked that question. I’m not sure where these illogical ideas come from.”

Ramiz further stated that journalists nowadays only focus on negative remarks.

“After the BoG press conference, I saw everyone no one talk about the cricket foundation instead everyone started rumours that perhaps there’s pressure on me so I am coming infront of the media or my relation with former PM Imran Khan,” slammed Ramiz.

Ramiz added that he does not see any discrimination and that this is simply a misconception. “It is a very negative and narrow approach. You’re talking about the 1980s, which is impossible in the age of social media.”

While answering a question regarding stopping players from facing media, Ramiz said, “We can not be judgemental. Players themselves do not want to face media. They think ten times before going in front of you people. The media only covers the negative aspects of press conferences.”

It is worth mentioning that in Ramiz Raja’s last press conference, he announced a number of initiatives including the cricket foundation for former cricketers, staff members, and groundsmen. He also announced salary increment for both men and women’s cricket players and more.